Tuesday, February 14, 2012


So, I'm back from my trip and bouncing back to work on Monday, in a new company. Hehehe yes, I'd resigned from my last position last week and joining the new company this week. Brave move, I know. So far so good and I'm happy with my decision.

Talk about my trip, if I could sum it up in just one word, it would be unexpected. Everything went completely out of plan, well, we don't really have a plan in the first place anyway. We're almost missing our flight because the boys took forever to get to the airport. I had to stall the check-in counter guy and waited for them outside boarding hall. Upon reaching Kuching, we were stranded at airport because the friend that were supposed to pick us up still sleeping ='= Bad start for the day.

We went to check in at a budget hotel only to find out it was fully booked. FOL. Luckily, a room was available in the afternoon. Relieved, we booked the room and much to our disappointment, it really live up to its name, budget hotel. The room was so small that it could only fit a queen size bed and a small bedside table. First thing we did the next morning was to check out and find a decent hotel to stay at.

Our main activity for this trip is to eat. I had been living in Kuching for the past 3 years and yet I haven't explore at least half of the place, especially little cafes. The only Laksa Sarawak that I love in Kuching is the one from Foody Goody Cafe (don't remember if the name is correct or not) but I stopped going there after I was down with food poisoning a year ago. But this time, a friend brought us to cafe shop (can't remember the name) to have this amazing Laksa Sarawak. I gulped down mine as faster as the guys finished theirs. We also went to BaSaga for quick dinner and partied all night long in private place. The party was the cherry on top of my trip :p

We also tried out the popular ABC at Jalan Song ( near 101 premier) and quite addicted to it that we went there two days in a row. On second day, we went to The Junk for dinner. I shared carbonara fettucine with a friend and yet still so full till I had to throw up after dinner. Had sashimi there too but the taste was just so so. Partied again the second night but I was too stoned to enjoy myself but the boys sure had so much fun being stoned.

All of us were totally exhausted after all the partying and eating. For the first time ever in Kuching, I didn't step into any malls or even doing any shopping. Being with the boys really had slowly turning me into one of them. The only window shopping that we did was car window shopping. Being surrounded by half a million Ringgit cars made me feel good. It would be even better if I could own them hehehe. Saw an Audi V8 going for RM650,000.00 just made my heart ache. 

My travel companions

Our flight back home was retimed twice due to some technical problem with the tyre. Had to wait for more than half and hour in the plane. No camwhoring pictures because nobody want to camwhore with me, no outfits pictures too because I was always the last one to get ready. 

Shall end my post with view from my window seat

Oh yeah, happy Valentine's day peeps!

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