Monday, March 5, 2012

This Means War

I went to catch this movie last week after most of my friends recommending it. And I love it. It was hilarious and totally relatable (in my case). Well, a recently getting married ex-boyfriend, checked! Accidentally caught in between two best friends , umm checked! But fret not, no guns or gangsters are involved and we keep thing platonic. 

Overall, the plot was good but still a bit predictable. It's the jokes that crack me up, I haven't laugh that much or went awww, that's so sweet for quite some times. I think the last movie that made me went all mushy is either Valentine's Day or When In Rome. So, yeah I'm a sucker for comedy romance.

One of things that got my attention when a movie portrayed a career woman is their wardrobe. I absolutely love all of her office wears. I mean, how could you not? She was dressed in Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, The Row, Parker and so much more. If only I could raid her wardrobe, Monday blues will no longer exist in my career life. Among my favorites are below:

Isn't those pieces a beauty? And her heels too. All thanks to the costume designer, Sophie De Rakoff, I love every single one even though I know I couldn't walk in them. Sigh, I feel like going shopping now but my bank account doesn't agree with me. 


  1. I love those dresses too! *sigh* current job wouldn't allow me to wear that kind of attire. Even if I want to, staffs will looking at me like I'm somewhat from Mars. How I wish to wrap myself with such wardrobe I would die happy woman.

  2. yeah, those 'gatal' staffs *sigh* i have the same desire like u hahahaha we women are definitely clothes whore hehehe