Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bits of this & that

Some back-dated pictures from couple of weeks ago. For my farewell with my last company, we had pizza after working hour at the office ='= Since I was leaving earlier that my last working day ( I was entitled for 2 days leave and completely utilized it by going away with the boys), we couldn't plan a proper farewell dinner, so pizza it is then.

My fave girl, she would stopped by after office hour and waited for her mom (my colleague)

It had been a great 6 months journey with you guys :(

Now that I'm settling down with the new job, I found a new addiction. Taro bubble milk tea. For the first week, I had this bubble tea almost everyday. During lunch, after work, I would rush over to Easy Drink to get myself a fix of Taro milk tea.

I was crazing for one last Saturday, so I went to their outlet at Star Mega Mall but it was closed for cleaning and maintenance ='= Never mind I said to myself, they got one more outlet downtown. So, I drove all the way, only to find out that they were out of stock. WTF!! Apparently they are having shortage of stock right now and have to pause the production for awhile. Only by early March they will resume selling my Taro bubble milk tea, till then fml. 

Good thing I went back to work when the Uni still on break because that meant I could drag my friends to accompany me for lunch everyday. But the fun of lunching with them only last for a week since everyone went back to their Uni the week after. 

Xiao S even tapao-ed some home cooked meal for me because we were out of idea about places for lunch.

Had sushi for lunch at Sushi Tie because one of the boy were craving for it (and my name rhymes with it)

I had been quite busy for the past weekends, so that limits my time to be with the family. Last Saturday, I brought lil sis out for lunch to make up for it. We had Bak Kut Teh and I got diarrhea after that ='= But it was a fun Saturday for me, running around getting errands done and bonding with lil sis.  

I was very tempted to buy the pants and luckily my conscience got the best of me.

Because I can get the pant somewhere else with only a fraction of its price. Shopping at Sibu is killing me because everything is so overpriced. I had seen many times the same outfits sold at two different city with two major different prices.

To end our long day, we both went for facial at Angelynne (Hui Juan). It took almost an hour and damn, blackhead removal was pain. If you think waxing "down under" is pain, times it 100, that's how painful it was for me. Maybe the girl that served me that day was heartless or she was in bad mood, but the way she poked my face with the needles (from the blackhead remover thingy) was no mercy. I felt like sharp knife were sliced through my nose. But I was satisfied with the after result. Clean and clogged-free face.

Before facial

No after facial picture because my face was red and blotchy.

That's all for now. 

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