Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spoiled little fella

I miss Pino very much. Didn't get the chance to meet him when I stopped by Sibu during my field trip last time. So it makes it exactly 2 months since I last hugged him. Every time I called my parents, I never failed to ask about him. My mom always filled me in with his updates, how he refused to take his bath and hiding away, when my sister had to chase him around the neighborhood to get him home after his evening walk.  

This little fella is spoiled, especially by my dad and brother. Last few weeks, my brother bought 3 new shirts for him. He already got lots of shirts which some he didn't wear anymore because some couldn't fit him anymore. 

It's obvious that Pino is a lazy fella. But he hates to be left behind. Doesn't matter where you go, he follows. When my sister doing her homework, he laying on her book, when my mom reads the paper, he sits on the paper, when I'm taking my bath, he waits outside the door for me. 

I miss this naughty fella. How I wish I could go back during study week. Too bad my exam schedule is kinda pack, will have my first paper on the first day of exam week. Like usual, when it comes to the end of the semester, the pressure is going sky high. Lots of reports, assignment and thesis writing to be done, to top that,  I have an aerobic exercise presentation in 2 weeks time. Arg, I'm kinda freaking out with all the datelines and pressure. 

Breath in breath out, hang in there Suz! Just relax, that's what my dad told me when I told him about the stress. But my dad and I have very different definition of relax. Mine is including some retails therapy but his is enjoying himself watching the television. But whatever that works, right Dad? Hehe..

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