Sunday, April 17, 2011

Of study and party

After much struggling writing the paper for the conference, finally everything is done. Paper sent, poster printed. Hopefully everything goes well during the conference itself which will be held at CAIS auditorium on 19th and 20th April. I also sent my thesis draft to my supervisor last Friday, got it checked on the spot and I still need to work on my result and discussion and make it more comprehensive. My supervisor wants the 'repaired' draft on Monday which I haven't started 'repairing' anything yet. Sigh, procrastination got the best of me, always wait till the very last minute to do anything. 

You know you're not that important when they misspell your name  -__-

After all the hard work, I went partying with the usual mates. My favorite reason for party: birthday. As usual, we got ready around 7 something but only departed together at 10pm. The boys, they need more time than us the ladies to get ready. ='=  The traffic that night wasn't helping at all, the whole road from ICATS to Stutong area was jammed and we need to do illegal u-turn to avoid the traffic jam. But still, it took us one hour to reach Homecook for late dinner. 

Originally, we wanted to go to King Arm but the price was ridiculously high. RM500 for a crate of pints and a bottle of liquor??! So, we settled for Check-In at Travillion area. Lucky us ladies, Friday is Ladies Night. The free flow of Vodka really made me happy. Can't really remember how many times I refilled my drinks. Partying with the mates always awesome. Limbo-ing with them and dancing around till my feet hurt so bad. The crazier the party, the crazier the hangover, it's only fair that way. I spent my whole Saturday nursing myself recovering hard from the party. Damn, my whole body ache and I got few bruises and cuts, it must be from the broken glasses. Accidentally broke some at the club when I leaned against the table, opss :p

Tomorrow is the starting of my study week already, man, time flies so fast! But I foresee my study week will fill with thesis writing, conference and procrastinating as well. It will be my final exam for my degree (hopefully, finger cross for me) After that, I need to get ready for my Final Year Project presentation and of course packing for real this time because I will move back to my hometown, Sibu. That's the plan after I think everything through. I want to spend my time with my family before I settle down for career, anywhere it takes me. Ok, I lie. I have no future plan yet. OMG, what should I do after finishing my degree?? Take a gap year (or months)? Start to fill in every job application? Rest at home for awhile? Take a part-time job? I'm totally clueless. 

Anyway, I had bought some food supply for my *ehem* study revision. Trust me, whenever I look at my notes, I will feel hungry/sleepy/tired. No new stationary for exam this time. I will recycle whatever I have in my pencil case. Good luck for my friends whom gonna sit for the final exam. Let's rock our undergraduate final exam!

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