Thursday, March 31, 2011

Treasure your life

Yesterday my friends and I were shocked by the suicide incident happened right in our campus. A second year student decided to end his life by jumping off the bridge into the man-made lake in our main campus. There has been some speculation going on saying he was stress and depressed. But why end his life just like that? He was young (21 years old), why chose to end everything just like that? Isn't his life worth something more than that? 

After the breaking news spreading throughout campus, we found that he had been planning suicide since last month. I get it, student life is hard, with the pressure from study, stress with college activities and other curriculum activities but it's up to one self on how to handle it. Taking such a fatal way is not the solution. You may had leave the world but what about your loved ones? Your family and friends? How they feel about your action? Think about them. 

There are people in this world whom struggle to keep living. Some lives were taken without their choices. The victim of Tsunami attack, earthquake, flood, cancer and other fatal diseases, how they wish they had survive. But some people were so determined to leave this world, by hope to leave their misery behind. Little did they know, they may be the source of misery of their loved one whom they left behind.

No matter what happened in life, nothing is worth for us to end our life like that. You failed you paper, so what? Repeat it until you pass. I failed mine last two semester and repeated it, no big deal. You failed in your relationship, so? There are always someone better out there waiting for you. Low self-esteem thinking that you are nobody, c'mon. We all been there done that. Be positive and held your head up high. 

If you ever feel depress or stress out, talk to a friend or someone. Do something that make you happy, be it watching movie, reading or shopping. Happiness is for everyone and it can be achieved by a simple act. Life is about balance, try your best to find the balance. Live your life to the fullest, there are so much more things that waiting for you out there, trip around the world, the latest gadgets/fashion, career, future etc. Remember, there's always light at the end of the tunnel.

Here's the Newspaper clip about the incident if you wanna read more. Whatever happens, treasure your life.

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