Monday, April 11, 2011

Rasberry jam

I spent about 3 hours and more everyday hopping from blog to blog, getting inspiration from the awesome bloggers out there. Lately, I'm getting hooked on fashion blogs. I just love going through their archive, looking at their personal fashion shoot in their everyday life. Recently, I discovered an amazing blog which benefits me not just for my fashion inspiration but for my academic as well. 

It is a blog of an 21-years old fashion blogger/student from Germany, Cheon-Hwa S. I love her style, from her everyday outfits to her makeup. You know what's greater? She writes in German and English. I took German language as my elective this semester and it is fun. Reading her blog is one of my way to practice my German and at the same time, I can feed my eyes with her fashion spread. Kills two birds with a stone, eh? 

Did I mention that she writes in English too? So afraid not if you can't understand German, she translate everything. Feel free to stop by her blog at to practice your German or just to peek at her outfit posts. Happy browsing peeps!

Taken from Rasberry Jam

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