Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Past life

I was blog-walking to keep myself calm because I was angry at my dad and found this entry about past life. It's something like who you were in your past life before you were reborn. Some people believe that we are reincarnate into this world after we died from our past life.

Can you guess who was I in my past life?

Apparently I was a male whom born in modern USA South-West in 1175. So, if I'm still alive, I'm 835 years old. Holy shit, that's an old grumpy man, even Edward Cullen is not that old. Hahaha. And I think I was a ship captain, I actually in charged of Titanic and when we hit the iceberg, that's how I died. Ok, I got a little carry away here.

Well, being a man in my previous life could explain my boyish side. But timid, constrained and quiet person sound so emo, plus the environment considered I was strange. Now I sound like an emotional Gothic man.

The purpose for me in my present life is to make the world more beautiful. wtf hahahaha. So, now you know why the world is beautiful, because of my existence. Okay, I couldn't stop laughing now. Did my smile brighten up your day? hahahahaha, admit it ok.

That's me in my past life, what's yours? Find out here and let's laugh together.

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