Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sea horse city

After my cousin's wedding, we continued our journey to sea horse city, Miri. It was a short 3 days 2 nights stay but I managed to fit everything from meeting my aunt, shopping with family, strolling on the beach, moonlight rain walk in City Fan, paying the seahorse lighthouse at Marina Bay a visit, catching the sunset at the Grand Old Lady and tasting Miri delicacies. Fuh, I'm a busy lady. :) All thanks to my wonderful tourist guides. 

At the backyard of a shop in Niah. 

My baby cousin is growing up so fast.

I don't know why but my family always dressed in the same color coincidentally.
Or maybe we all have the same favorite color. :P

With my tourist guides at City Fan.
 Too bad it was raining that night or else we could explore Miri more.

My bodyguards. Hehe

I couldn't ask for a better guides than them. They got everything planned out for me and very attentive. We laughed, we ate, we enjoyed. When I said we ate, we really ate a LOT. We went to Hartz Chicken for buffet and it was worth every penny. From the chicken, rice, salad, mushroom soup, veggies, fruits, desserts and ice cream, I had it all. Did I mention it was buffet? Hehehe..

Luak Bay

Sunset with whole Miri view. One word, spectacular.

Making fun of the statues. Yeah, we're lame like that. :p

The Grand Old Lady with 5 old men.

After the sunset, we're hungry and went to Ming's Cafe for dinner. Foods and us, inseparable. Most of them were not satisfied with their food but I finished mine with a smile. It rained again the second night, so Celest suggested we went to After 3 to meet his sister. So, we off to eat again. Their motto for my trip was to feed me as much as they can. Well, they really lived up to their words. My stomach was as happy as I was.

Marina Bay

A giant seahorse without his head and me.

The next day, we packed and cramped at the back of the car for our trip back to Sibu.

That was a wonderful start for my holiday albeit the little hiccup about my cancelled flight. I'm now safely at home. I never imagine I would say this but I'm bored. Maybe 2 weeks are a little too long for a holiday? Ask me this again after a week of classes and for sure I'll say I want more holiday. Hehe. 

Thank you Angie and the gangs for the wonderful hospitality and the pictures too. I get more than I'd bargained for. See you guys in Kuching. 

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