Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blast from the past

3 years had gone by, not a single night I'd think about it. But last night, a sudden walk down the memory lane brought everything back. The familiarity, the scent, the place, everything seems like yesterday. The memory we created together stays vividly at the back of my mind.

The smiles, the tears, the tantrum breakouts, the fights, the special occasions, we had it all. It was beautiful though it ended badly, at least for one of us. Many would say that I treated us just like a fling. When they recall about us, I'll just shrug and smiles.

Maybe it was just a fling, a meaningful one nevertheless. Because I never regret any moments that I'd spent with you, even during our fights. I know I'm heartless towards the end, being all stubborn and headstrong. I couldn't hang in there anymore, I didn't think we were worth saving. And I was right.

I'm sorry. For everything, for being selfish, for putting you through the darkest moments in your life, for turning everything upside down in your world.

I'm glad we're going our separate way. Because we better off without each other. We're not meant for each other, not even as friend.

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