Friday, September 10, 2010

Holiday first stop - Bintulu

Half an hour I reached Sibu Airport and my family tagged me along to Bintulu for my cousin's wedding that very night. I'm more than tired but it was fun. A big family gathering, what's more than I could ask for?
I'm still tired from all the journey across Sarawak, so I'll let the pictures tell my story. Beware, lots of pictures ahead. Brace yourself ya.

Breakfast at Selangau, still a long way to Bintulu.

Our hotel lobby, I'm tired thus the spec. :)

Loaded our bags and headed over to my uncle's house.
Sis, sis bf, lil sis, me and bro.

Camping at the backyard while helping out. In my case, texting.

Sis and I helped Kath get her makeup done.
It's her big night.

The crowd during 'beterang'.

The couple blessed by the Father.

Exchanging rings.

Sweet <3

A drink from the newlyweds.

Family from both sides 'belaban ngirup'

Next day, we're packed and headed to Miri. 

This is just part of my fun journey, the excitement continued all the way to Miri. Congratulations Kath and Buni on your big day. May God bless you two for the journey ahead. Pop niece/nephew soon for us, ok? 

*'beterang' means the newlywed declares that they're agree to tie the knot and announce it to the relatives. I hope I explain it right. My Iban is not that great actually.
*'belaban ngirup' means family from both sides will have a drink battle or something like that. Bottom line, both sides must have a representative to drink till they drop.

And to my Muslims readers, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin. For non, happy holiday! Enjoy all you could.

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