Friday, September 17, 2010

Failed domestic attempt

Random picture I took because I bored. 
Stuffs in the picture:
  • My Samsung external hard disk which broke down few months ago. No worries, I just sent it for warranty yesterday. 
  • Toiletries I got from hotels that I'd stayed this holiday.
  • Mom-passed-me-down handbag which I love so much.
  • Cupcake recipe book.

Since I got nothing better to do at home other than gluing my butt on the couch in front of the tv, so I figured I should do something productive. That's when the cupcake recipe book came in handy. Yes, I baked my first cupcake today with my siblings.

I'm so excited that I dashed out to buy the ingredients that very instant.

Weighing and mixing. Baking is so much fun.

Sadly, I have no muffin mold so my cupcakes are out shape like, seriously out of shape.

Dad told me not to pour too much mixture but being the stubborn me, I poured the mixture to my desired amount. When they said you should listen to the eldest, well, you really should. I didn't and look what happened to my cupcakes?

Overflowing from its cups. 
May I insist, this was my first trial. Hehe

But the second batch turned out well. Got to learnt from mistake, you know.

Looked pretty good eh?

We each designed our cupcakes any way we wanted it.
Some put chocolate chips on it, some chose the star design and some simply poured a packet of Milo on the icing. But some went a little overboard and design hers with crackers.

See? My sister sure is creative, too creative sometimes.

I don't know why but my cupcakes were as hard as stone when it cold. Right out from the oven, it was nice and yummy. Put it aside a few minutes, it turned into stone and hardened so hard that if I throw it at you, you will got black and blue. Trust me, my sisters and I tried this. It was fun fooling around with them, mixing and creating a mess in the kitchen. And of course we ended the baking session by scrubbing the kitchen sparkling clean. 

Domestic goddess.

First trial of cupcakes and I was satisfied. But one thing for sure, I have to cross out baker from my career list until I figure out a way to bake the moist cupcake. Hehehe.. Baking is fun, everyone should try it. 

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