Sunday, September 26, 2010

Technology repels me

Like seriously. I always have problem with technology stuff, be it like a simple installation of my antivirus or my external hard disk. Does everyone has the same problem too or is it just me?

Last week my beloved laptop failed on me and I felt like my world is crushing down. It's because I stored everything in my laptop, my pictures from National Service, Matric, literally everything. My laptop is in tip top condition, I upgraded the RAM, installed the antivirus and what else a laptop should have, but in the end, the screen just went blank and will cost me a bomb to fix it.

Last year, I bought an external hard disk, it was working fine. Sadly the life span of it was just 6 months or so. One day, I was bored and wanted to watch some movies in it, then I realized it couldn't be detected. So there, good bye external hard disk #1. For a replacement, I bought a new one last April and I was super excited. But God know a way to grab me from the cloud nine. As expected, the new one broke down too. I'm still waiting for the warranty but it takes forever, literally like FOREVER.

I was in a very nerd mood today and wanted to do my Basic Finance assignment but I haven't print out the balance sheet of the company that I'm reviewing. So, I take out my printer from its box and trying to install it. Guess what, the installer CD-Rom can't be read. FML. I tried and tried but to no avail. There's nothing that I can do.

Why is my technology life so pathetic? I spent so much on those stuffs and yet it failed me. It feel like watching my hard-collected money getting burn just like that, feel like they peeled my skin, you know. I know I sound kiamsiap (lokek/stingy) but still, it's my money. If I didn't spent my money on those single item like that, I could buy lots and lots of clothes/shoes/bags, or even the Iphone. T_T.

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