Saturday, March 1, 2014


I was clearing out photos from my camera and stumbled upon some photos that never see the daylight. So I figure it's time for some throwbacks. 

Plus, it's 12.42 am and I just woke up from my nap 3 hours ago. I wonder how am I going to sleep tonight. 

Not sure if I've posted this one up because this was what I used on my face everyday last year.

It is so hard to capture a good photo of Pino because he can't just sit still.

The best shot that I could managed for him

With baby Kelly whom refused to look at the camera 

I miss my long hair

Taken during CNY eve dinner. We're testing the smile shutter for the camera hence my huge smile

I miss Danish so much

I love this photo. It's like some kind of ad for formula milk hahaha

I'm quite vain but I rarely take any photos these day, be it with camera or phone. I just feel like I couldn't be bother and wanted to live in the moment. Then the moment passed and I have no memory of it. ='=

Reminder to self: Take more photos.

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