Monday, March 10, 2014

Pray for MH370

I have been glued to my phone screen for the past two days reading about updates on the missing flight #MH370. It was a terrible feeling to wake up to such horrible news on Saturday morning. I do not know anybody on board but this incident deeply affected me. The whole world is praying for the safety of the flight passengers and crews, I deeply hope God will listen to us and praying hard for good news.
I really couldn't imagine the feeling of the affected families and friends. Even me, a total stranger couldn't help but to shed tears when I read about tweets of the young girl waiting for her father to be home. This incident struck close to my heart because I really loves travelling. Getting on flight to embark on a new adventure excites me but hearing news like this really bring a twist to my feeling. 
239 of lives on that plane, some are returning home to loved ones, some are going away for the much needed vacation, some are about to start a new career in the foreign land, some are on duty for their jobs but now all of them disappeared into thin air, just like that. It could be any one of us on that flight that day. 

It just never occurred to me how fragile our lives can be until today. 

During time of crisis like this, there are still some inconsiderate people out there pointing fingers and making fun of the missing flight. I have no idea what's going through their heads but if they have nothing nice to say, better just keep quiet. Things like this make me question my faith in humanity.

However, I'm not letting those insensitive people destroy my faith in humanity. The whole world unite together sending aids to search and rescue for MH370. My heart and prayers goes out to passengers and crews aboard the missing flight as well as their families and friends.

May God give us answer soon. 

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