Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mummy turned 46

So my mum turned 46 this month and as family tradition, we went out for dinner. It was just a simple dinner every time it comes to birthday, but that also means dressed up time. 

Wearing my dress from Twenty3 that I bought years ago, it was still a tad too big for me and this is the 3rd time I've wore it

We're having quite hard time to find restaurant for dinner because choices are pretty limited here. Most of the time we ended up recycling the same cafes or restaurants for dinner. So this time I brought my family to 美味餐厅. 

The anti social

The couple

The parents

I have not frequent this place much recent year but it surprised me how good the food was. I'm tempted to post the aftermath photo of our dinner but we're messy eaters, so no photo but we finished it all. Unlike last time when we went for my birthday at Golden Happiness, we barely touched the food and did takeaway. Still the food ended up in the trash after 3 days in the fridge because it was just horrible.

The usual broccoli with mushrooms 

Steamed fish

Pork ribs

Butter kailan

Something something chicken, i don't know the name of the dishes because I was late and they already ordered everything when I reached.

Make a wish wishes mummy!

The whole family and some friends

We also have this tradition where we take turn to feed the birthday girl/boy cake and we go from eldest to youngest. I don't know why we did this but I guess everyone want to take part in feeding the birthday woman.

Happy birthday mummy! I hope all of your wishes come true and be healthy and happy always.

Guess who woke up just when we finished dinner?

The little munchkin 
Yup, he was with us the whole dinner. When we're eating, he was sleeping on the chair and only woke up when we're done. Good boy <3 p="">

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