Friday, February 21, 2014

Saving up

I have come to the age where people start to open new chapter in their life, be it engagement, marriage, having kids or simply start investing in property. I'm kinda aware that the clock is ticking and next thing I know, I'm turning 30. Naturally, I know that I'm at the stage where I should know where I'm heading in the next 5 years. Marriage and kid are not on top on my list at the moment but property is.

When I started working 3 years ago, I told my self that I should buying my own property by the age of 25 but a friend of mine said it was impossible unless I joint-venture with my life partner. I brushed her opinion aside.

And now, I take back my words. The property value is flying high like rocket these day. Last week, I went to see a semi-detached double story, a regular size house and the price is RM700K, that's like more than half a million. ='=

That night I started to plan my savings and realized how careless I'm with my spending. I spend whenever I want, though lately I had been really good. But still, I should have save up those Ringgit. I used to record how much I have spent everyday in a little notebook but give up half way. I know someone who did this and thought that these people too frugal. I guess I was wrong.

So, I may have to postpone my over ambitious dream to own a property at the age of 25 but I've learnt my lesson. It is never too late to start saving up or to be frugal. I'm kidding about the latter.

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