Saturday, March 22, 2014

3 in 1

The post was supposed to be up last week, I got all the pictures nicely arranged in my draft but boy oh boy, I don't have time to complete the whole post until now. So you're reading about my weekend last week on this weekend. hahahaha


A 3 in 1 post today! I'm gonna consolidate my weekend Dayre posts into one here because there are so many things that I want to jot down here including my everyday life. I had a wonderful weekend last week because I felt like I was productive and spent quality times with family and friends. Lately I always looking forward to weekend because I wanna sleep in. I feel like I'm forever sleep deprived.

I started off the mid week by celebrating the bf's birthday.

We had a quiet night together celebrating his birthday.

It was very simple because he's not into any kind of celebration. In this case, I'm glad he's a simple guy because I really couldn't think of any other way to celebrate it with him. And he hates surprise too. So in the end, it was just me and him with a big plate of cincalok fried rice and a tiny cake.

I spent my Saturday with Danish for brunch and walked  chased him around the mall. Man, this little tiny being is so full of energy and always wanted to be held all the time. If you put him down, you gotta chased him around afterward.

He's grumpy because it's his nap time

But the steering wheel made him excited.

We went to Noodle House for brunch because I wanted the 卤肉饭. But it didn't taste the same anymore :(

Look a bit pathetic and unappetizing but actually taste okay la

This one is the bomb for me, not too sweet and perfect for my taste bud.


There are certain days last week that we had haze around, so it was nice to finally see the clear blue sky. Only with haze around that I started to appreciate sunny day like this. 

 Selfie in the car

I seldom bring my camera out with me, so when I do, I take a lot of selfies in the car. All are mostly the same pose some more hahaha You can't see it here but I was wearing the crop top from Twenty3 which turned out to be normal top for me.

Date with the bf

Weather so hot so a cold dessert like this is a bliss. 

Then we had the most pathetic steamboat ever in my life.

It was at a newly opened place. The base is tasteless, so did the meat because they didn't marinate it. It was quite hard to cook the meat because it keep sliding down and fell into the soup. Some more the soup "drain" too shallow and narrow, can't properly cook anything inside la, super sien leh. I don't think I will frequent this place again.

Can't remember which day

The kitchen domestic side of me suddenly kicked in last week, so I made hainanese chicken rice without the rice. I copied Pattyinnit's recipe because she made everything looked so easy but man, it was a tough one for me. My chicken was not thawed properly and didn't cooked well. 

See, cooked already also looked not cook.

So I put it back into the pot and boiled it awhile. My soup turned out to be really good and the meat cooked properly but it wasn't the hainanese chicken that I expect. Still the bf with his sister and brother in law finished the whole chicken and they loved the soup. I felt proud despite the failed attempt.

#achievementunlocked hahahaha

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