Monday, March 3, 2014

Queen bee

I have been feeling rather down last week. Maybe it's the combination of dry weather and also my hormone. I don't feel like talking to anybody, I don't feel like go out. All I wanted to do was to tuck myself under my blanket and sleep or read or watch movies.

The person whom have to suffer through all that with me is the bf. We had huge row over something petty and poor boy, doesn't matter what he did, I just find it annoying.

But I snapped myself out of my sorrow and try not letting the hormone taking over me. I tried to use my time productively. I cleaned my wardrobe, packed the clothes that I don't wear anymore, spent more time with family and the bf.

we had birthday dinner for my brother whom turned 20 last Wednesday

Dress- from long time ago
Flats - I don't remember

Then Danish cried and wanted to be in the photo too, I prefer him with his old hairstyle because this mohawk makes him looks so mature.

Lazy Saturday morning, we just woke up

Danish is like the easiest baby to take care. He didn't cried much, eat when you feed him, love bath time, nap and sleep well. If only all the babies are this easy.

Another cheerful baby, Eden. He's so active and can dance all night long.

Hmm, it seems like my days are revolved around babies these days. This is a true sign of aging because more and more people are popping babies.

Karaoke session on Sunday afternoon

As you can see, the bf is serious about his karaoke, one hand hogging the microphone, another hand hogging the mouse selecting his songs. Yeah, the milk bottle is so out of place and we had baby with us. LOL

Me in my Twenty3 crop top which turned out to be normal top for me #shortpeopleproblem

Pool session at night

My weekend sound so happening hor, went karaoke then went played pool. Hahaha but the truth is I only played one round (not a good player) and left afterward because I couldn't handle the cigarette smoke. The room was so hazy and everyone was puffing cigarette like chimney, including the bf ='=

Wtf it's March already. I don't even know how I passed the first two months of 2014. It feels like I haven't done anything at all. But I just planned some travel plans and really excited about it.

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