Monday, November 11, 2013

His big day

Ohai guys! I miss my blog so much. So, here I am after lots of procrastination of transferring the photos from my camera. I wanted to blog about the bf graduation day right after we're back but I got busy with work and then my internet service got interrupted. 

When I got the mood to properly sitting down and typing out my thoughts, I realized all of my photos are still in the camera. Another bummer case for me is I lost my totally brand new SD card. Super frustrating because I clearly packed it into our overnight bag when we're away to Bintulu. And that's the last memory that I have of it. 

Okay, back to the bf's big day story.

Doing touristy stuffs like taking picture with the trishaw

The trishaw uncles are super unfriendly. We got shouted at just because we wanted to take photo with his trishaw. I mean if you're not keen on people taking photos of your trishaw, just inform us nicely, why shout? Hmmm...

And then it's Jonker Street adventure

I miss Jonker Street last time because I heard they are closing it down and I was there on weekdays. Basically Jonker Street is like pasar malam or night market but more atas one because there's a lot of tourists there.

We couldn't be bother with dinner since all that we've been doing while strolling Jonker Street was eating and eating. There are one too many vendors that offer varieties of food and we tried so much that we're practically full after that.

The next day was his official graduation ceremony.

With my man

I asked him how does he feel when he received the degree on stage, he said he felt nothing at all. Man, when it was my time 2 years back, I was so proud at myself for accomplishing my dad's dream and felt so touched. This man is obviously lack of emotion. 

Opsss! I know I repeated the same top from the night before

And that was because I planned to wear dress but it was too hot and I figured that I won't be able to find any good seat while waiting, changed my mind to my long sleeve top but it was too sheer for school. And the rest of the top that I've brought are just normal tee.

Reminiscing the good old day

After the ceremony, we continued our food hunt. The bf brought us back to 万里香satay celup. It was messy but damn it taste so good. 

And of course we went back to our lala tepi longkang 

Again it was great because the clams were fresh. We wiped the plates clean after 5 minutes. Oh yeah, we even stopped by 一级棒 chicken rice ball and dayummmm, it was great also. I never had chicken rice ball before but I guess this one must have taste better than the mainstream one like Capitol. 

If there's one word that I could sum up this Melaka trip, it would be foodtastic. The food is fantastic, get it?
It's funny how I titled this entry as His Big Day but half of the photos are our food photos. LOL


  1. I love your pictures! What camera you used? What's the price range?

    1. Thanks Mer! I use Sony NEX 5R and got it on promotion few months back around RM1.7K :)