Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekly Recap #4 Family & birthday

I think I should keep this weekly recap thingy a regular post for my blog because it really helps me to recall back what I've done throughout the whole week. Last Friday we had a small birthday celebration for my sis fiance. It was just a close and intimate gathering with family members.

And my dad cooked his special chili crab. It was so funny because the pan that he used was small, in the end, his crab fell on the floor when he was cooking.

Yeah, Christmas come early in my family.

I couldn't include my parents to be in the photo because they were sitting on the other side and I couldn't possibly step back to include everyone in the photo unless if I master the art of going through the wall.

Happy birthday Jang! Hope all of your wishes come true!
By the way, today is his real birthday, so go wish him on his Facebook!

I took quite a number of photos that night but lots are out of focus, too dark, too bright, blurry etc because I was still learning how to use the manual settings in my camera which I am absolutely failed at. By the way, I did an update for this in my Dayre too. So feel free to check it out here . Go download and sign up for this app because it is super addicting especially you have rants that need more than 140 characters. Tell me if you have one so I can follow you.

Went out for breakfast on Saturday with my sisters and had went straight for lunch after that with the girls. You know you really grow up when you realized you started to talk about property and investment on a Saturday afternoon.

Extra selfie because my face look slim 
Angle plays a really big part to determine how your selfie turns out.

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