Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday date

It's been a long while since the bf and I went on a proper one on one date. Last Sunday we went to get a late lunch at Espressense which turned out to be an impromptu date. It was drizzled outside but we're seated at the window side of the cozy cafe. 

Since he's back for good, I realize we're too busy living our life and has spent less and less time capturing it. I was browsing my phone photo gallery recently and realized the last picture of us taken together was such a long time ago. Our Sunday would be perfect if only I have my camera with me. 

Food wise, Espressense has what it takes to capture my stomach. I love all of our food that day but service wise, they could have done better. I waited too long for my baguette because the waitress forgot my order while we were the only customer dining in. Huge minus point there but I think I would love to come back again for the food. Not now but maybe someday in the future.

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