Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Essential Makeup items

Whenever I see a beautifully make up lady, I always wonder what products that she used. If you could take a peek into their make up dresser, you would, would you? Me too! It's always interesting to see what works for them and discover another great products to try out.

So here I'm taking you to take a peek into my everyday essential make up items. These are the basic products that I've used everyday and work for my skin.

Full make up items

For face :
Pore Putty as make up base
Dr. G BB Cream with SPF 30 PA++
Skin Food Carrot Pact Powder 
Skin Food Apple Can Blush

For eyes:
Canmake Liquid Eyeliner

For eyes: 
Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express
Stage Kohl Intense Pencil

For eyebrow:
Cyber Color Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown

For highlighter:
Lo'real Lucent highlighter

For lips:
Revlon Colorbust Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake (or Sweet Tart) 
Maybelline Lip Gloss

Just realize something crucial is missing from my photos, it's my life saver to fight dark eye circle and hyper pigmentation : Concealer. For concealer, I'm using The Balm Concealer and NYX Full Jar Concealer. 

Now it's your turn to show me yours. Bye! 

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