Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekly Recap for # I don't know

I've started doing the Weekly Recap things on my blog earlier this year so that I can keep up/ remember what I've done for the past weeks.But based on my post title, you should have known that I kinda lost track. And lazy too. So recently, I was introduced to this new apps that allowed you to blog live from your phone and post it at their platform. 

Friends and family, I welcome you to Dayre. You can download it on Apps store or Google Play. At first I was reluctant to join the bandwagon because I already have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Ask.fm. There are already too much on my plate. My Pinterest and Tumblr had been abandoned for several months already. Add another social media network, I can't handle it. Oh boy, I was so wrong. Dayre has made my life so easy. All it takes is literally 1 minute to update. Snap and post in instant, that's all.
Anything that came across my mind that day, thoughts or rants, I can just write it down and use cute stickers too to describe how I feel. The greatest news ever is that blogger queen xiaxue is using it too. She literally stop blogging after got pregnant and delivering Dash, I miss her witty writing. With Dayre, she's updating everyday. It's like the good old day when Xiaxue was still active on her blog.

My Dayre
My username is suzmellisa

An excerpt of mine

So now I can always look back at my Dayre to remember some stuffs or to reminisce anything that I've post before. Basically, it's blogging from your phone anywhere, anytime even when you're taking your dump. No jokes. Go download now so that we can keep up with each other life. 

I bought this Trick & Treat Kit from Benefit Cosmetic last month. So far, I have been loving it especially the Stay Don't Stray primer. Actually, I was planning to buy just Porefessional but the full size costs about RM110. And this kit only costs me RM120, a total steal, okay. I get to try all the 6 items before deciding to buy any full size one. Plus, the packaging is so cute too.

Sorry for the blur photos. My dinner last week because I was devastated that I couldn't find any lasagna noodle in 2 freaking supermarket at Sibu. I did rant about it on my Dayre, if you're interested.

Then I was inspired to make this breakfast with the leftover bacon and French loaf. And the breakfast made me late to work, but it super worth it because it kept me full till afternoon. I tried to cut down my carb intake recently when I've come to realization about how much weight I've gained. So fruits, veggies and soups are my alternate dinner.

But when I was in Kuching, I couldn't resists the Raja Ayam Penyek. I had a terrible flight experience, a near death one when I was flying to Kuching. Our plane was going so smooth (it was Boeing) until 15 or 20 minutes into the flight, the plane suddenly dropped a bit, for no reason at all. I almost got a heart attack and we experience turbulence afterward. The air stewardess even announced that we need to leave behind our belonging if in any case we need to do emergency landing. I've never encounter such announcement before when taking any flights. All that I could think about that time was "I don't want to die just like this" But thanks God we landed safely.

I'm back to long distance relationship again with the bf because he has almost month long training at KL. Haih, I miss him.

Got my hair washed and blow inward before heading to airport after the training at Kuching. I really like my hair this way but my hair is a bitch to maintain. After landing at Sibu airport, inward curl on one side already messed up and straightened out. I know the technique to blow dry this way because I studied the lady whom blow dried my hair did it. But I never can bother doing it myself, especially in the morning.

By the way, Pino says Hi!

Wahhh, I miss my blog so much and will definitely will not stop blogging here even when I got Dayre because this blog contained 1/3 of my life. I've been documenting my life here for 5 years and I will not stop.This is my unofficial diary, this is me, sharing my life with all of you. 

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