Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A weekend in Bintulu

The bf and I went on a spontaneous road trip to Bintulu because he miss Eden and I'll say yes to any getaway. It was his first time driving all the way from Sibu and of course we're both pretty excited. The journey was smooth albeit heavy rain at some point but we managed. 2 hours and a half past by so quickly and next thing we knew, we reached the city.

Why so serious, boy?

Our timing was perfect because we reached when Eden almost woke up from his nap. He have grown so big now, roaming around the house and I couldn't hold him for more than 10 minutes anymore. Big baby is this guy.

Our first activity was to go to the beach. Last time I was there was several years ago. The beach still remained the same as I remembered it. The weekend crowd packed the beach picnicking with their families. And the delicious scents of barbecue filled the air, making me gulping down my saliva a few times.

Poor Eden, he hate the sand

My Bintulu trip would not complete with a visit to Sushi King. I know Sibu recently opened a branch too but the queue was nearly impossible. At Bintulu, there was no crowd at all. We ate so much that we're so full afterward. Sorry Sushi Tie, you can't compete with this.


We went back and watched a movie before calling it a night

During church service the next day, we met this little cutie. She's so graceful and pretty for a 4 years old and very well behaved too.

But poor bf. Apparently all the little girls there went head over heel for him

A quick lunch at Happy Valley later on, we back home again for a short nap before the bf and I drove back to Sibu. Again, it was raining so heavy when we're approaching Sibu but I'm glad we safely made it. If I wanted to sum up this road trip, well it's for sure will be food again and of course a good dose of Eden. Till next road trip then.

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