Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bangkok again - Part 3 (Awacha)

You guys know how bubble milk tea has taken a storm in Asia, right?
It has taken Bangkok too! Everywhere I went, there's always a bubble milk tea shop somewhere around the corner.

And of course on the day we had no idea where to go, we would hanging out at Sara's bubble milk tea shop. She owns one of the franchise for Awacha which is one of the famous bubble milk tea here.

My face looked dull here because I forgot to put on make up. 
I swear I woke up on auto pilot mode, I had no idea why on earth was I forgot to do any makeup.

Maxim coffee is Miao's favorite

I was having cocoa

While Sara's busy shaking like this

We were busy playing around.

Look at my hair there, almost reach my butt.
I had it trimmed shorter and layered last week.

With the lady boss

That's all for now.
Krap phun ka for reading

A little late for this but anyway,
Merry Christmas and happy new year 2013 guys!
We survived the world end!

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