Sunday, March 31, 2013

My kind of weekend

I have a long weekend this week because of Good Friday. In Sarawak, Good Friday is a public holiday. It is also my long awaited weekend because I need a break from work. I was really really close to bring back work to do at home but I've changed my mind. I was once promise myself that I would not let work take over my life. So, no work at home. Just leisure and relax.

Made this for lunch on Friday

So, yeah I was lazy to transfer the pictures in my phone to my laptop so I just snipped this off my Instagram profile. Hence the sheer caption at the bottom. I don't cook much but when I do, I often pick the simplest meal to make. This salad is simple and filling because of the fish fillet and the eggs.

My furry little monster

He has not appears in this space for a really long time but he's doing well. Naughty and witty as usual.

Us watching the telly last week

I finally watched Les Miserables and I love it. I downloaded the 1998 one with Liam Neeson in it and watched that one first before watching the musical version in 2012. It was a long movie but surprisingly I find it very intriguing, I really wanted to know why Javert can't just let Valjean go. Yes, Valjean made a mistake and he served his time in prison (for 19 freaking years just because he stole a bread when he was young). He repented and has been good to human kind since then. Even raising Cosette as his daughter. But Javert being the dedicated police as he is, only see Valjean for the crime that he had done. 

I really much prefer the 1998 one rather than the musical one. So, which one is your favorite?

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