Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rude people need to be taught!

When I was suddenly down with gastric on last Thursday, I thought it was just a normal gastric attack. Popped my gastric pill and I expected the pain to go away. But I was wrong. Around midnight, the pain attacked again and twice the pain before. It felt more like an abdominal pain and I had to lie in fetus position and put pressure on my stomach to ease the pain. 

I couldn't freaking sleep all night at all. And this was the first time I experienced such an intense pain that it scared me to be honest. I mean, it could be something worse (touchwood!).  So the next morning, I rushed myself to clinic. 

The clinic was packed and it was just 10 mins past 8 in the morning. But there's only one man at the registration counter so I queued up behind him. And then, this Auntie whom just entered the clinic, pretended to talk to the girl behind the counter and she freaking fucking sneaked into my line and cut my queue. 

I was in pain and not in the mood to tolerate any stupid old lady whom cut my line. Oh God, sometimes people are really beyond stupid and rude. Queuing up in a line is one basic courtesy. She knew that I was angry as I caught her glancing at me before pretending that she did not cut my line. Her daughter came in after her and they both just blocked me from the counter. So when it was my their turn, I may or may not have said "Bitch" out loud. 

I let them got away this time but I will not tolerate this kind of rude people next time. They need to be teach some lesson but of course I do not dare to simply scold people la, scare later kena shoot. You guys know la,  be careful not to step on the wrong foot  in Sibu.

This is what my doc prescript to me. 

Turnout it was just a normal gastric attack, nothing much serious but I still got gastric a bit today. I seriously have no idea what went wrong. I do not skipped meal but still occasionally got gastric. I didn't eat any spicy food or sour food also this week. Eat too much also can trigger gastric.

Anyway, I had been watching 2 Broke Girls these two days and I absolutely love it. I love Max wittiness and sarcasms. I kinda inspired to bake cupcake too but I have no oven. I tried baking cupcake before but failed (I blogged about it but too lazy to go through my archive) 2 Broke Girls is a good chill out series but if you can't take sarcasm, then this is not your kind of series. 

That's all for now, gotta get back to my series. 

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