Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bangkok Day 1

I kick started my December with my long awaited trip to Bangkok with bestie, Miao. That's why I've been missing for awhile from this space. I was really excited for this trip but a bit worry that I might miss this trip because a week before that my grandma was admitted to hospital and was in critical condition. But she is all good and been discharged now.

Our #ootd for our flight

A very unglamorous picture of me eating my bun in a bus on the way to KL

Our flight from Sibu to KL was in the morning and we reached LCCT at noon and our flight to Bangkok was at 7pm I think. We had a few hours to spare so we figured we could go down to KL to do a quick shopping. Our main objective was actually to get a bikini because none of us were bringing any for our Pattaya trip. 

Let me tell you, it was the most rushing and tiring shopping that I've ever done in my life. I don't know why we even thought that we could pull it off and risking our chances of missing our flight just because of bikinis. Girls and shopping, unexplainable. 

Trip to and fro LCCT and KL Sentral alone would took 2 hours, which means we barely had an hour to properly shop. Plus, it was raining and made the traffic even worst. So, we practically ran all the way from KL Sentral to Monorail Station because we wanted to go to Cotton On and H&M in Starhill. 

We reached Cotton On in Sg. Wang disappointed because their selection of bikinis were limited and mostly already sold out. So we went to the Cotton On in Pavilion. Wide range of selection BUT mostly out of size XS for me. WTF! In the end, I just randomly picked a polka dot bikini top which fits me the most. I didn't even bother to buy a bikini bottom at all. When I think about it, it made no sense why would I went rushing all the way and came back with only a bikini top? 

We were beyond tired after all the running and cramping in the monorail with others and slept all the way in the bus. Couldn't help but felt relieved and blessed because we made it back to LCCT in time and all the while we were outdoor running and rushing, rain magically stopped. But resumed as soon as we got into our monorail and bus. 

Ready to take off but flight delayed. Typical AirAsia.

By the time we reach Don Mueng Airport, I felt a bit sick because I realized I've only eaten a bun for the whole day. But the feeling was gone soon after because Sara brought us back to her place and got our dinner. First authentic Thai meal and it was so good but I didn't eat much because I was too worn out. But that's not the end of our night. We went clubbing right after that. Aren't we hardcore? Hehehe

At Lizm Club

One great things about club in Bangkok is it is smoke-free and live band are playing. It felt more like concert/party and Thai people are very friendly. Heard a lot of Thai hit songs that night and I like it, I like the spirit of the local supporting their own song, singing and dancing along with the band. And Thai people can drink a lot, I tell you. It was also my first time clubbing without sipping any alcohol. #newachievement unlock.

This sums up my first night at Bangkok. Will resume with more pictures soon.

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