Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012

Okay, a little break from my Bangkok trip, let's talk about my Christmas!

Like every Christmas in the past years, we would go on a family trip somewhere. Last year we went to Sabah but this year, I couldn't off from work, so we settled for something nearer, Kuching instead. I was reluctant at first as I just got back from Bangkok earlier this month and I was looking forward to just chillaxing at home for the long weekend. I couldn't believe that I almost said no to my favorite city. 

December has always been my favorite month because of the festive season. The spirit of Christmas makes me happy all the time and I think December is my lucky month too. Last year I won a Christmas wishlist from Joyce and this year I'm one of the winner for Bobo Modbox giveaway. So Christmas came early this year for me. :)

I love how thoughtful the Modbox crew are 

I have yet to try anything from my box because the packaging is so lovely and smell really good

My Christmas in Kuching this year is simple and relaxing. I spent my time with my family and I'm happy that Merdeka Plaza is open now, means more shopping option. I knew during the short weekend in Kuching, I won't be able to meet up with my Kuching bunch, so I came unannounced. 

I think I just woke up from nap here

That Elle bag is my current favorite bag

Tried heilo but disappointing. Tutti frutti taste better

Fake snow in The Spring, feeling very Christmas-sy right?

At night, we would curled up in front of TV and watched Victoria's Secret fashion show

OOTD for Christmas eve
Top - Bangkok
Skirt - Forever 21
Bag - Elle
Sandal - Far east plaza, Singapore

Christmast gift from the bf, a Vivienne Westwood Inspired dress from Twenty3
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