Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tian Xiang Hui Wei & Hong Kong Noodle House - Kuching

I was tempted to name this post Food Porn but against it because I read somewhere that people whom describe/name their food related post Food Porn are sexually deprived. Okay, don't get me wrong. I against that as title not because I'm sexually satisfied, but I'm not sexually deprived either. Shit, both explanations sound so wrong. I give up! Just enjoy the post okay.

Before we went off to Kuching last Jan, I had done some research about any restaurant/food that we should try and I came across this Tian Xiang Hui Wei Steamboat (天香回味锅)in Groupon. Actually I was looking for a Thai restaurant because I was still very much missing Thai food that time. Found one call A-Wet Thai but I was having second thought about it. Heard it is a bit on the pricey side plus not sure if the food worth it. 

Bought our coupons and we came without a reservation. Lucky us it was still early and got some empty unreserved tables.

Bf seriously studying the menu

Our soup base, normal one for the bf and spicy for me

Steamboat must-haves

After the steamboat, we off to The Hills for desserts. I forgot the name of the place but I found it on Groupon too.

He looked so awkward here hahahhaha

Tired face because we've been out all day

Failed attempt to snap artsy shoot

The next day we went to Hong Kong Noodle House for a quick lunch. I always eat there when I miss Sibu food  when I was in Uni because they have great Chinese food selection.

Selca while waiting for food

Again he was seriously studying the menu

The food there always good but this one was a bit disappointing

This one is yummy! 四大豆王 or something like that. Basically 4 kinds of beans (long bean, lady finger and I forgot already)

Happy stomach = happy man

If you notice, I do not put any names of our dishes because I forgot the name already and I don't know how to describe food either. For me, it's either good or bad, that's all. Lousy blogger, I know. 

P/S: I did named my Bangkok food post Food Porn before but it has no sexual relation at all, just saying. :p (it's a joke, guys)

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