Saturday, March 2, 2013

Weekend away - Kuching

This getaway was on January but I never have enough time to blog about it, so here goes. Truth to be told, we're really close to cancel this plan because of a hiccup. But I was so determined to go, I really need a break from work and I miss Kuching so much.

This trip was a chillax for us. All that we did was meeting friends, eating and shopping a little bit. I know I always say I only shop a bit in most of trips but this one is real one. I only got myself a top for Chinese New Year and that's all. But the bf was going on differ direction. He shopped a lot, totally did his CNY shopping there.

We were super starving when we reached Kuching at evening. Checked into Abell Hotel, freshened up and we wandered nearby to grab some snacks before dinner.

Trying Ding Tea milk tea for the first time and I came to conclusion that every milk tea tastes the same.

Shihlin crispy chicken, seriously taste better than 大大大鸡趴 ( Dunno whether the name is correct or not)

After snacking, we met up with my HEMAS friends for dinner, it's my must do whenever I was there. But too bad we didn't take any pictures together.

Saturday was spent shopping mostly. Bf was on a hunt for his CNY new clothes. He was in and out of fitting room while I nodded and shook my head for any clothes that he model for. 

We stuck at traffic a lot too :(
By the way, thanks Mila for lending us your car, love you!
We also managed to meet up with bf's friends too and watched Parker, sadly it's a boring movie.

At night, we took a stroll at Waterfront. I used to hang out there a lot when I stayed at Kuching. The crowd there was playing Amazing Helicopter, so we joined them. Got tired then we hang out at cafe nearby and shisa-ed.

Sunday we explored the new mall, City One since we had a few hours to spare before flying back. The mall still so new and not much shopped open yet.

So we fooled around a bit, pretending to be away somewhere cool  cold.

Posing with CNY props 

Tried the yogurt ice-cream and love it. 

Hanging out at Starbucks before boarding

Here's a little OOTD for my weekend away:

Dress - Cotton On
Jeans cardigan - Borrowed from my lil sis
Bracelet - Cotton On
Bag - Longchamp Le Pliage
Shoes - Abell Hotels wtf

With the bf

Lace Top - Bangkok
Red Jeans - Brand Outlet
Studded shoes -Bangkok
Same bracelet
Bag - ELLE

On the bf
Shirt- Cotton On (which he bought the day before, LOL)
Jeans - Dunno
Shoes - Dunno 

Top - Sg Wang
Skirt - Cotton On
Same bag

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