Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The So Called Holiday

Remember how excited I was to take 10 days off work and doing nothing? Well, now that I'm on my fourth day and currently at my kampung, I feel very bored. Bored because there's absolutely nothing to do. No channels to watch because no Astro, no place to go because no proper transport, plus no place to go also. Can't properly surfing the internet or watch Youtube because I have to survive on the weak connection of my broadband.

Basically, I feel like I'm being home jailed.

Yesterday I tried to watch Inception. Tried because I didn't finish it, my laptop volume too low, already turned it to the max and I still couldn't properly hear a single thing. And the movie quite boring also or it is because I didn't pay attention at all.

Then, I rummaged my laptop and rediscovered my e-books which I got from my friends before I graduated. Read 4 pages and I stopped. Lost my interest because the book was targeted for teenagers and I'm old already.

I tried taking nap also. Felt like I had been napping for an hour but when I woke up, I realized I just napped for 15 minutes. At this point of my life, I don't mind going back to work. At least I got something to do.

The main reason I feel this way is because I resent this place. There's nothing that I can do here. I hate the people here. Too hypocrite. Never mind, 4 more days to go and I'll be back to the city.

Can't upload pictures because the line is too noob. Sigh.

I can't live without internet.

Updated! Finally can upload pictures after trying for whole afternoon and re-sizing the pictures. 

Instead of taking the public express boat, we rented a speedboat for only us to go back to kampung this time. Less hassle and faster.

Our stuff filled the boat. It was really a small boat with only 6 seats including the driver. 

Bye bye Sibu, bye bye streamxy, bye bye comfort bed, bye bye fast food, see you guys after one week wtf.

Me sitting rather "comfortably". As you can see, the seat is made up of an old car seat and the head rest is leaning forward which I hate so much because I couldn't place my head properly there. If I did, I will end up in a very awkward position which my head will constantly facing down. 

There you go, face of the girl who whine.

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