Saturday, June 2, 2012

Polka Dots

Hello June! The month that I've been anticipating for. Bff Miao and Xiao S are coming back and the bf is coming back too. Double yeah! And the boys too! I'm so excited and kinda scare as well because I don't want to jinx all the great things that going to happen.

I went shopping last week and bought some stuff, only to realize they are mostly polka dots. I think I'm having a polka dot phase now. Went through my wardrobe found quite a lot of polka dot tops and dress.

Last week purchase. Polka dot top and shorts.

Dress from Bangkok, belated birthday gift from Sara.

Another dress from a random shop

Wore it last month in Kuching

Dress again from the same random shop 

McFlurry date with Xiao S

My birthday dress from my bro which I have yet to wear

Another dress which was gifted by Xiao S few years ago, sadly I can't fit in it anymore 

Dress for my sis engagement which I never wore again afterward, I also don't know why.

Top for my work which I bought from a blogshop. Love it!

Cotton On dotted blouse

That's a lot of polka dots in one post, isn't it? Bet you just spend 3 minutes in your life looking at the most polka dots post ever and did you get a bit dizzy? Cause I do after staring too long at the dots. FML.

Ending the post with my polka dot travelling bag. 

Happy June everyone!


  1. hehe...the 'bf' time to let me know...piggy.. =D

    1. *shy* hehehe will bring you meet him when both of you are back XD