Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mushroon lasagna

I made mushroom lasagna yesterday. The initial plan was to make shrimp lasagna but I couldn't find shrimp at the supermarket. The sudden urge to cook lasagna is because I keep craving for seafood lasagna from Pizza Hut. Googled some recipes about lasagna and found the easiest one to make.

Basic ingredients: 
Button mushroom
Philadelphia cheese
Cream cheese

Most of the Youtube videos that I found are using Philadephia cheese to make their lasagna, so I bought it. Supposedly lasagna is easy to make since it only involves layering the lasagna, white sauce and mushroom. But I was a bit all over the place, trying to saute my mushroom and preparing the white sauce at the same time. 


The mushroom was prepared by shimmering the onion and mushroom with olive oil. When it is almost cooked, add in the Philadephia cheese to your own liking. I have to say, this will make a good pasta sauce. Very creamy and yummy.

The white sauce

Now this is the trickiest part for me. The ingredients for white sauce are butter, milk and flour. I added in cream cheese for more cheesy-ness. I did not whisked my butter with flour and just simply cook everything together. That's my first mistake because turned out, my butter was still clumpy. Second mistake, I put too much (or is it too little) milk and too much cream cheese. Third mistake, I did not constantly whirled the mixture cause I was too busy attending the mushroom. In the end, everything became so clumpy.

The final part is to layer everything together and put it in the oven for 180 degree for 50 mins (according to the recipe). There you go, you will have your lasagna ready.

My lasagna

The fourth mistake I made was not properly layering it and only put it in oven for 40 mins with I have no idea what are temperature degree because I couldn't manually set the temperature. That's how I ended up with a slightly burnt lasagna. Taste wise, it was good. Texture wise, I should have put it longer in the oven and cover the top layer with cheddar cheese instead.

Never mind, at least I've tried. 

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