Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kuching Again

It is pretty obvious to everyone around me that I love Kuching city. There's something about the city that makes me feel like at home with a comfort of its own. After all, I've spent an amazing 3 years of Uni life there. And I just realized that I had been going to Kuching at least once a month this year, even though some are just short transit stays. 

As usual, if I'm at Kuching with the family, we will opt for an apartment in Merdeka Palace. I've stay there multiple times and it is quite good actually. So far, Merdeka Palace is the only hotel that I know that still has its room in the old English style, rather than the modern look. Last week, I was at Kuching with family for the weekend to attend my uncle wedding.

My room for the 2 nights stay

The desk area, sadly only master bedroom has vanity mirror and my sisters and I have to fight for the mirror that attached to bathroom door to do our make up for the wedding. 

Living room, simple but spacious

Dining table which turned into shopping bags spot.

Master bedroom, super spacious but simple

Pantry which my dad used as his smoking room -_____-

The apartment that we got this time is a bit disappointment because the bathroom sink is too small. One thing that I care about in a hotel room besides cleanliness is the bathroom ( Oh, and the bed too). I like a bathroom with a big sink where I can put all my make up and skin care. Sadly, this room provided us none, unlike last time. Again, only the master bedroom has this privilege. 

Just reached. Outfit picture first. 
Fyi, I'm not closing my eyes, was looking at my phone screen.

Freshen up and ready to go out for late lunch

At a store in One Jaya Mall. Yeah, my lil sis was tired and bored, obviously.

My first food after arriving. Fettuccine carbonara from The Spring food court.
I have weird craving for this carbonara few days before I went to Kuching and I die die also must eat this.

Chocolate cream chip with whipped cream. I was satisfied, wtf because Sibu has no Starbucks yet.

Sushi for lunch the next day

Surprisingly, I didn't shopped much this time. In fact, I've lost my shopping mojo when I was there. I didn't even bother to go to Nichii to check out outfits. Oh, I haven't talk about the wedding yet, the main reason why we were there. Well, that's another story to be tell in the next post.

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