Sunday, May 20, 2012

Money talk

I never know the exact value of money until I've started to earn my own money. Back forward a year ago, I could just ask for money from my dad to support my expenses. Back then, my priority when it came to spending was make-up, new tops, the gorgeous dress and stunning heels. Vain and materialistic, that was me a year ago.

A year later, I'm still the same me. Vain, checked. Materialistic, checked. But this time, with a different priority. Suddenly, I become a lot more careful when it comes to my spending, trying hard to differentiate my needs from my wants. Although, I got lost in between sometimes.

When I'm the one who work my ass off to earn the moolah, suddenly the stunning bag or gorgeous dress  do need seems like a wise splurge anymore. Growing up means more responsibility. I got loan to pay, bills to settle and need to start saving for future.

I have no idea how this happened. But the more I've earned, more things I need to pay for, simply because I have more wants. Haih..being a girl is not easy. We girls always become the easiest consumer to target. I myself having trouble to say no to anything that I've laid my eyes on. Sometimes I wonder whether I really need that extra eyeliner but my body is working against me. Hand automatically picked it up and my feet dragged me to counter to pay for it and I went home happily knowing that I have something new.

I was doing my monthly budget the other day and realized that if I keep my impulse buying habit, my saving account will never grow. Something needs to change obviously. Damn, capping my own spending is no fun. But for the brighter future with more heels, handbags and travelling experience, I must start saving now.

Well, I guess this is a part of adulthood. Yucks!

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