Saturday, May 26, 2012

Being Happy

I had been feeling very happy lately, especially early in the morning. I woke up with a super happy mood even with only 4 hours plus of sleep. Miracle! Because I'm never a morning person. I don't know why but I feel super grateful with what I have in my life right now. For once, I'm happy and contented.

I'm happy that I'm still be able to wake up and start a fresh new day.

I'm happy that my hair and make up is perfect when I go to work.

I’m happy that May almost coming to its end. Hello paycheck, hello holiday!

I’m happy that today is my last day working before enjoying my 10 days off work. Awesome!

I’m happy that the bf never fails to crack me up.

I’m happy that I’m going for a trip soon. New place new adventure, all by myself.

Maybe I’m just grateful for everything just because. My whine and rants are sometimes so unnecessary. Those are just some petty issues in my life and don’t even affect me as a whole. Others have more serious issue going on in their life like health problem, family matter or career issue. And mine are just peanut if compared to theirs.

Besides, there are so many good things coming and it is much easier for me to overlook the bad one and focus on the good one instead. Undeniably, I do get upset by some incidents or remark that happened to me. I’d curse and whine but after that I’d just forget about that and move on with life.

It doesn’t take much for one to be happy, honestly. Just count your blessing, your limbs and organs are working fine, you have food prepared for you on the table, you have roof over your head and comfortable shelter to sleep in every night. Your basic necessity as human is fulfilled, shouldn’t you be grateful? I know I am. That’s what I keep reminding myself of.

Maybe that explains the happiness that bursting inside of me. Positive thinking is definitely the best pick-me-up. Try it! Spread the happiness around.

Sorry for the long winding wordy post. Here are some pictures to compensate for that. Taken from my Instagram. Sort of like a pop up version of Instagram picture from my right sidebar. 

Went to yoga the other day and it felt so good to sweat. Sorry I accidentally captured that woman's ass, LOL

Weighted myself and found out I've lost some weight, again.

My very own fettucine carbonara. I made this and been having it twice since last week. 

Got sick of carb, so I made fish porridge one night.

Pino with his new haircut. He's turning 4 this year. 

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