Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Labor Day

My labor day was spent at home relaxing and blog hopping. Work has been pretty much the same, if not, it's getting more and more mundane. My first year celebrating labor day as a working adult really made me appreciate more a day off like this.

Things that kept me company : Laptop, Iphone and book which I had been trying to finish since last year

My sister birthday was fall on the 1st of May which means she got a day off on her birthday every year. This year it had been a tradition for us to have homemade steamboat for birthday. Which is much more satisfying than eating out.

As you notice, I bought her the same birthday cake that my colleague bought for me. Reason being, it was delicious and I was running out of idea to get what flavor for her. Turn out, we finished the cake in just 2 days rather than a week like usual.

I just got back from Kuching last Sunday for attending my uncle wedding. But pity me, I fall sick today. Body was flaming hot and I just swallowed down the meds. Let's hope I'll be okay tomorrow.

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