Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lazy post

Browsing through the photos in my phone and found some back dated pictures from last two weeks. So, here it is.

Went karaoke-ing with my hubby while she's in town

We have this habit of taking picture in every toilets of the places that we went. Even in the simple Tanahmas toilet. 

I dunno why I was super happy here. 

With cousin Ling Ling. Super love this little girl.

I weighted myself yesterday after a month of not weighting myself. I lost 2KG!!! I've stopped going for yoga for almost a month and last time I sweat myself out was eon ago. Plus, I've been eating nonstop lately with all sorts of cravings. How on earth did I lost 2 KG is beyond my explanation.  

 Eye bag can't be saved already

Went to Pizza Hut but not for their pizza 

It's for this creamy carbonara. The best I ever had, not that I had many before. 

Yesterday's outfit.

So glad that all the sisters are back from outstation yesterday. I went out with sis to Red Carrot for lunch yesterday, it took us more than one hour to get ready just for an hour lunch. ='= We couldn't be bother to window shopping at all after meal because the weather was too hot and we're plain lazy.

Honey Chicken Wing 

My lunch set. The chicken a bit too dry actually. 

Yogurt ice cream for dessert and wintermelon drink.

My pre dinner is 2 cheese hotdogs and omelette yesterday and after that I had Maggie Curry with prawn and egg. With this appetite, it still baffles me how can I lost 2 kg. The only explanation that I have is probably the work stress. April is really a busy month at work, it's not helping that my desk keep piling up with a lot of pending work. Whatever, life goes on, ain't it?

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