Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bags, not a glamorous one

Throughout the years, one thing that I notice about my face after camwhoring is my eye. First, it all started with minor dark circle. I blamed the internet/movies/assignments/exams for the dark circle. But lately it got worse. I have a real visible eye bag and my dark circle has worsened too. See it for yourself.

Minor dark circle

One dark circle is bigger than the other one
Or maybe it's my smeared eyeliner, but you can clearly see my eye bag 
Pardon the messy hair, I just got back from work and went directly to dinner.

See! My dark circle cannot be saved already T T

No amount of concealer can cover that. I tried blending lots of concealer but still failed, or maybe it's just my skill sucks. Sleeping early is one of the way but I ermm failed too. Every night when I tried to sleep early but something always came up and required my immediate attention. 24 hours a day is not enough for me. I need more time to socialize, to relax, to sleep etc..

Haih..are there any ways to ease up the dark circle? Anything like food? fruit? Besides getting enough sleep and rest of course, and also skin care. Most of skin care that I'd tried did no wonder. Yeah, my dark circle and eye bags are hopeless.

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