Friday, August 12, 2011

Morning routine

6.20 am- Alarm went off and I snoozed it for another 10 mins.

6.30 am- Unwillingly got up and played with Pino for a while. Grabbed my towel and hit the shower.

7.00 am- Out of shower and picking out the outfit for the day. Sometimes, I changed a few times before deciding on which one to wear. I wonder how the same top that made me look good last week can make me look horrible today -__-

7.15 am- Slapping the needed skin care stuffs on my face and lotion all over my body. Made myself a cup of hot Milo/milk tea.

7.25 am- Putting on makeup. Line my eyes and realized both sides were not even. Readjusting the eyeliner with cotton bud and it still looked the same. Giving up and towel dried my hair.

7.35 am- Rushed to kitchen to make scramble egg and hash brown for breakfast.  Letting my mom took over the cooking half way and continuing doing make up.

7.50 am- Finished breakfast, grabbed my bag and drove to work.

8.00 am- Stuck in jam, cursing some slow/stupid drivers on the road. Singing along to my favorite songs and feeling a lot better.

8.20 am- Arrived at workplace and switched into working mode. ='=

So, that's my weekdays morning routine. When I told people I work at Sibu Jaya, a new township about 23km away from Sibu town, their reactions were "What? So far?" "So now you live there?" "You must be waking up very early everyday!".

Truth is, the distance is okay for me. It is almost the same distance from my flat back in Kota Samarahan to Kuching town, so I'm used to the distance. Besides, I enjoy driving, it helps to ease my mind.

Yesterday outfit

Today outfit:
Bag was stolen from my mom :)


  1. So nice you already have a job! So, it's a permanent job, then?

  2. Yeah, but I'm still under provision, it is on contract basis. If got confirmed, then I'll be the permanent staff.