Sunday, August 21, 2011

Carefree & happy

I forgot how it feel to be carefree anymore. Not to worry about anything, no dateline, no pressure, no commitment. It'd been a while, a long while. I think I seriously need a getaway trip. I hate being trap, doing the same routine everyday suffocates me. The once truly happy and carefree me is missing somewhere. 

Many had said that I've changed. But the question is, do they know the real me? How many of them had been with me through my ups and downs? Not many I would say. I may have evolved as a person, but deep down, if you know me well, I'm still the same girl that you once laughed with.

Maybe it's time for me to rediscover myself. To be spontaneous, carefree and truly happy again.

Be random and stop a total stranger for picture

Be playful and naughty

Be a high dreamer

Be brave to take the leap and knowing that the loved ones will always be there to catch me

Be truly happy and contented again

I am happy right now but not as happy as I was before. Maybe it because I'm so used to my own fake smile. These day I often masked my own misery and worry with fake smile, a little bit too much till at one point it became a routine. 

Often I'm the one whom cheering for others, pulling them up when they fall. But sometimes, I need someone to cheer for me too. It's nice to know that someone is looking out for you out there, at least I know whom are my real friends. 

Hope this is not too depressing for you to read. I just need a space to let something off my chest. Kthanx bye.

*Pictures were taken during family holiday back in 2009


  1. Suzi...cheer up k..if anythings strong and you know that i'll always support you my dear...remember that..GBU...;)

  2. It just that I felt trap here, maybe because everything feels like routine. I want to be free and no pressure but haih...

    thanks Amoi :) I appreciate that.