Thursday, September 1, 2011

Favorite week

I only have till next week to hang out/watching movies/shopping/brunch/dinner/lim teh/gossiping with my friends before almost everyone of them flying off to other states/countries for study leaving me here alone. Man, time flies. Their 2 months holiday are coming to end soon. I will miss them dearly. Chances are, I will see them again probably during Chinese New Year 2012. That's freaking 5 months more!

I don't want to get emo like last time where I sobbed like a kid when I had to leave my friends back at Kuching. Just realized that I get attached too easy. Once I made friends, I treat them as friend. But not everyone are worth  my time and energy, just saying anyway cause I felt used way too many times. Lesson learnt, I'll stop giving people my best interest unless they really earn it.

Anyway, here's the highlight of things I had been up to lately.

Moi struggling hard during yoga

Went for hair wash at Re-Move Hair Studio

Lots of brunches date with hubby and lil sis 

Drove all the way to Bintulu for Sushi King because sushi in Sibu is sucks. hehe

Loving the familiar green tea taste

This week is my favorite week cause I have 3 days of holidays. I enjoyed waking up late and doing nothing. I'm such a lazy bum, I know. But mind you, I am rejuvenating myself. LOL.

Before I forgot, Selamat Hari Raya & Happy Independence Day to Malaya (not Malaysia obviously).

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