Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Notice how my face is getting rounder now?

Yeah, that's what I got from all the brunches/ dinners / tea-time/ snack time. Yup, I love eating. No doubt about that, but I do not fancy the excess fat that came with the habit. Back in Uni, I jogged occasionally to get fit. But that was months ago. I can't really remember the last time I break a sweat. I figure it's about time for me to get active again. 

I've always wanted to try yoga but never actually made an effort to join any yoga class. The plan remained a plan until a few weeks ago.

 Introducing to you, IOGA.
Can you spot my hand in the reflection? :p

It is a yoga institution which focusing on health and beauty. My friend, Xiao S introduced this place to me. She brought me for a tryout and I'm hooked ever since. At first I was having difficulty doing the bending forward and all sorts of stretching. Mind you, my last Taekwondo training was years ago. So, pardon the rusty muscles ;p 

I dragged along my sisters with me and they loved it! I go on weekend only because they have no class at night during weekdays. The classes are divided into pure yoga and belly & cardio. In pure yoga, you will be doing all sorts of stances and bending, it's the pure yoga. Besides that, we do meditation too. I'm still learning in controlling my breath and energy.

Meanwhile in belly & cardio, the teacher will blast the latest hit songs and we will move along to the beat. The routine, of course is focusing in the belly area. It was so much fun, I felt like clubbing in a room filled with middle-aged women and mirrors hehe.

The only downside was my sore muscles the next day. ='= After the pure yoga, I couldn't walked up the stairs properly. Every time I laughed or sneezed, I felt like I'd broken a rib. Now that I'm a regular, my body is getting fitter and not much sore muscles anymore. 

Xiao S aka the childhood friend/the hubby
Yup, she called me wifey. :)

Now I've found a new passion, yoga. The next thing I need on my list will be some gym clothes. Another good excuse for shopping :)


  1. !!! i die with jealousy. i havent had hit one pun. so nice the place.

  2. you can try Sze yoga mer, i heard it's good too..hehe

  3. dun wan go alone leh. hihi.

  4. try ask bern or vero them, maybe they want too :)