Saturday, August 27, 2011

Brunch at Uncle Dom Cafe

Weekends are my favorite days in the week. Who doesn't love weekend anyway? No work, no waking up early, such a bliss. Last Saturday I need some quiet time to refresh myself, so I brought my lil sis to Uncle Dom Cafe for brunch. I rarely go to Uncle Dom in the day, normally I just went there for lim teh session at night. 

The atmosphere was nice and quiet, just what I thought in mind. Uncle Dom Cafe is an Ipoh Kopitiam-themed cafe. What I love the most about the place is the ambient, it is very vintage and reflects Sibu amazingly through their old vintage pictures of Sibu which are displayed on the wall (but I didn't take any picture of that). The pictures were taken during British colonization era and it's nice to be reminded how Sibu had developed thorough out the era until now.

We picked a seat near the window at the corner

My brunch date

The table with the cushion is my fave spot at night

The cafe was quiet during the day but at night, I sometimes can hear the conversation of people from a few tables away. It made me felt like I'm at Tanahmas (with the crowd and the noise). But being the typical Sibu people, we still chatted away happily and loudly too. Who cares if the people from other tables can hear you? Hehehe, this is so Sibu.

My brunch set. Sambal mee hon with cincau milk. Delicious.

When waiting for our food, we were approached by two men, whom started the conversation by asking are we from other country? Because he said we didn't look like local ='= Then he started to introduce himself, telling us he's from KL and came to Sarawak for mission to help orphanage kids by collecting funds from public. He even showed me articles and pictures of the kids. I secretly think he's bluffing but still donate some money for the charity. For good cause, of course. Well, I hope we were not scammed.

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