Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August already

A lot had been going on for the past 2 weeks and I'm so caught up in trying to catch up with everything, hence the lack of update. But I like it. Being productive made me a happy person.

I'm settling with my new job right now. It is something totally new to me and I'm learning from the basic. With the help of my colleagues, I'm getting better at it. Rewind a few years back, I never foresee myself going to this path.  Growing up, I was told that working for government is what I should do. But truth is, I always despise the idea (due to personal opinion), till now I still do actually. Therefore, I decided to take the least travel path. For once in my life, I'm stepping out of my comfort zone, taking the risk to fulfill my own dream. I know it will not be easy but never say never.

Working aside, I'd been out and about. It doesn't take me long to find my way back in my hometown. At first, I thought it would hard for me to adjust myself in Sibu. I had been away for 4 years and my life and friends revolved around Kuching. Leaving them behind, I thought I will be friendless in Sibu cause most of my friends here are away too, study and work. Lucky me, now they are having their intersession break/summer break. I will cherish their company until September.

Supporting friends for their live show

Childhood friend

Shopping, lunching, lim teh-ing

Dancing and drinking

July was a month fulled of roller-coaster ride. One minute I was on top of the world, next thing I knew I was dragged down to the bottom. Unexpected things happened to people around me, a friendship was stained with false allegation, friend found new phase in life, a lover dream was crushed with a change of heart. Whatever happens, it happened for a reason, good or bad, it depends on how you look at it. Either the glass is half full or half empty, up to you to decide. Happy August peeps!

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