Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wind Cave & Gunung Gading (Part 2)

Here comes the second part of my caving and jungle trekking in Wind Cave and Gunung Gading. Enjoy!

#1 Too dark inside the cave, we had to hold on to each other

#2 The stairwell in the cave

#3 The rocks in the cave

#4 Weird rock formation

#5 Rock vandalism perhaps?

#6 Finally out of the dark

#7 Group picture. We all were sweating because it was hot inside the cave.
Don't get fool by the name, it's Wind Cave but no wind and it was humid too.

#8 Having lunch at Lundu before we move on to Gunung Gading.

#9 Hiking in style. It was raining when we reached there and everything was wet and beautiful.

#10 All sweat and tired.

#11 The simplest trail.

There are not much pictures from Gunung Gading as it was my second time there. Like last time, we only chose the simplest trail because we were only looking for a leisure walk. But we were lucky this time because we managed to catch (hear in my case) the blooming Rafflesia. Why it was hear in my case? Well, the blooming Rafflesia was slightly off the trail and everyone was so excited to see it. I was damn tired after the trekking and not exactly in the mood to push my way with the crowd to catch it. So, all I heard was "wah, it was big" "it was smelly".

*Like usual, the photos are all the courtesy of Angie.

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