Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gifts & collections

After my first paper yesterday, I took a day off from studying and reorganizing some of stuffs. It was fun. I stumbled upon some of my forgotten stuffs and it brought back some happy memories. Few weeks ago, I was down due to something and felt totally neglected by my loved ones. Last night, when I was organizing my stuffs, I found my 21st birthday gift package with a printed message from my dad. Then, it hit me. I'm very lucky to have family that love me for whom I am. They put up with my tantrums and bad moods and yet they never love me any less. 

Estee Lauder Travel Exclusive set and Bvlgari perfume set are gifts from my aunt.
Designer Collection from Amway is from a friend and Body Shop White Musk, I bought it myself.

Perfume sample that I took from my aunt.

A girl must-have.

Toiletries that I brought home from hotels that I'd stayed in this year.

Key chains/bracelet/anklet/gifts from friends.

You know what else I found last night? 

Tons of movies ticket that I forgot to throw away.
I found some in my bags, some among the receipts, some in my books.
Well, one conclusion, I'm a cinema addict.

These might be your typical stuffs but each of these brought me my great memories. I like it when I saw, for example, my anklet that I bought with my munyits at one of the shop near waterfront, I remembered the occasion. It was after our final exam in our second year first semester. It was sort of a celebration because we had great time laughing and worrying about nothing after the exam. Each item has a story to tell. A story that I treasured.

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