Sunday, November 7, 2010

In between

Despite all the hiccups in doing my progress report and trying to study for final exam, I still managed to steal some time to have fun. Well, actually my statement should be like this, despite all the desire to have fun and just enjoy myself, I had to force myself to study. That's more like it.

My progress report for my Final Year Project is really killing me. I submitted it yesterday and boo yah, it was rejected. The reason? My supervisor want it to be in thesis format, like a master thesis. I had been struggling hard to meet his demand but sometimes I couldn't help but wish I chose other supervisor. 

I had been studying in Unimas for almost 3 years and during this period, I can count my visit to CAIS (library) with a single hand. But for my stupid thesis, I proudly announced that this semester, I had been to CAIS for quite a few times till I lost count. Don't get me wrong, I love books and library but not my university library. Too many  unnecessary rules.

Formal education book *yawn*

To kick off the stress of doing the thesis, I took a day off on Thursday, that's when Ik offered to cook lunch for us in our flat. We went to Stutong wet market and done a little food shopping. Our menu was Bak Ku Teh , fried prawn with sauce and eggplant with sambal. Marvellous, we totally stuffed ourselves full. It felt like Sunday because everything was so relaxing.

Yummy much eh?

I shall end this post with a tired looking camwhore picture of me. Lately, I had lost my camwhore mojo, so that shall explain the lack of my self picture.

The face looked dull, blame the stress from thesis writing! 

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